Instantly create/share asset information from Excel Schematics to site across multiple business without Office 365

OLE Design assurance software without the need for CAD configuration and libraries. All parameters and CAD cells are dynamically created inheriting properties from dedicated web server to ensure the latest parameters and cells are employed on the project.

ExVol is a product that creates 3D exclusion volumes for existing or proposed assets which require sighting, such as signals or speed boards. This assures zero obscuration at time of the signal sighting committee meeting.

DynaPan provides a more accurate dynamic analysis than conventional static solutions. Unlike other dynamic Pantograph modelling product, DynaPan integrates and extracts data from the project BIM model.

TunnelVision is a product to support the identification of clearance hazards. Developed for  L2C commissioning TunnelVision allows the users to undertaken an initial efficient assessment using PointCloud and 3D design assets data.


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UKMS Parametric Tool to create 3D Parametric Cantilever Tool. Cantilever created from click points only.