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Upgrade to your existing Rail design Line tools

Many Overhead Line suppliers are delivering designs using established familiar assured tools but may not be aware that their own tools can become so much more powerful. This service ensures you maintain control of your own tools allowing your business to be adaptable to the project/client needs.

Microstation 3D Modelling

With the Rail industry requirements becoming more focused on 3D modelling for assured integrated design solutions, Digitality Solutions will support your business in a number of ways.

  • 3D Overhead Line design CAD support for complex feature (Feeder/Switching sites)

  • Creation/management/support of 3D Overhead Line design component libraries

  • Custom Microstation CAD configurations/Graphical User Interface

Asset Parameterisation

To accompany any Overhead Line component or assembly, to support the industry's BIM initiative and multi platform automation, asset parameterisation which can support CAD, engineering and procurement systems is essential. This ensures all design is generated and controlled by assured data servicing all aspects of the project.

Batch Processing

There is nothing more frustrating than having to spend unnecessary time performing the same task over and over again, whether it's in Excel, MicroStation or both. These monotonous activities can range from amending a component reference in countless drawings, performing engineering or quality check in drawings/models or just updating drawing border order text. Digitality Solutions provides a solution either by undertaking the updates on your behalf, at a fraction of the timescales, or by providing a custom macro.

Digitality Solutions Overhead Line Products

It is the vision of Digitality Solutions to provide integrated Overhead Line tools to support all areas of the Overhead Line industry. Digitality Solutions understands the challenges, requirements and project risks. Through simple modular solutions significant efficiencies can be achieved whilst improving quality and streamlining processes.

Take at look at 'Case Studies' and 'About' to learn more about Digitality Solutions.

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