To provide a method of mapping and attributing newly installed ‘critical assets’ with the functionality to perform a ‘readiness of energisation assessment’ for each electrical section.


Asset Tracker is a tool based on existing project trackers and is an example of how upgrading existing project tools/tracker is more economical and viable than deploying a new product. An assessment of existing project data/spreadsheets identified that an existing Excel project tracker formed the graphical/schematic backdrop for. In addition, Excel was a platform all users in the project had access to.


To guarantee consistency of data the asset data was hosted on a web server which synchronized with Excel. Excel represented the assets in the applicable cells. This provided live real time data for all users and provided the future flexibility of mobile app/remote access.


Each asset was assigned to electrical section(s) and a status of ‘installed’ or ‘not installed’. Only when all assets assigned to a specific electrical section are classed as ‘installed’ then the applicable electrical section will be identified as ‘ready for energisation’. Hyperlinks to the evidence of the installed asset (Inspection and Test Plan provided by EviFile) was also provided.


This allowed the construction team to focus on non-installed or unverified assets for to ensure the OLE system is complete for energisation.

  • Provided evidence to Network Rail the all critical assets were installed in readiness for energisation

  • 2000 critical assets uploaded, assessed and evidenced. Single source of truth

  • Asset Tracker Identified critical assets which required installation/verification to allow energisation

  • Simple Excel schematic/graphical output, a platform familiar with most users

  • Easily deployed with multiple users from different suppliers using the tools simultaneously

  • Web hosting allowed real time assessments of assets via web API’s.

Asset Tracker Data

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