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Digitality Solutions provide CAD Systems/Tools/Services to support integration and assurance of existing or proposed rail asset data. This can be during any stage of a project, from mobilisation with data acquisition or validation, design with automation/data synchronisation, commissioning with mobile asset data or trackers and handback with automated As Builts.

Instantly create/share asset information from Excel Schematics to site across multiple business without Office 365

OLE Design assurance software without the need for CAD configuration and libraries. All parameters and CAD cells are dynamically created inheriting properties from dedicated web server to ensure the latest parameters and cells are employed on the project.

ExVol is a product that creates 3D exclusion volumes for existing or proposed assets which require sighting, such as signals or speed boards. This assures zero obscuration at time of the signal sighting committee meeting.

DynaPan provides a more accurate dynamic analysis than conventional static solutions. Unlike other dynamic Pantograph modelling product, DynaPan integrates and extracts data from the project BIM model.


TunnelVision is a product to support the identification of clearance hazards. Developed for  L2C commissioning TunnelVision allows the users to undertaken an initial efficient assessment using PointCloud and 3D design assets data.

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Contact for Pricing Details

Contact for Pricing Details

Everyone likes free stuff! Here you will find free Microstation tools or subscription tools with limited functionality. 

Microstation tools to create a POD Map and write source file name with region.

BIM Management

Digitality Solutions also provides BIM services from development of EIR's and BEP's, configuration of common data environments/workflows to development of project models (3D and Data).

GeoRINM Asset Extraction

GeoRINM is Network Rail's network vector asset model. From this Feature Extracted Vector graphics are developed. Digitality Solutions can provide tools/systems to integrate existing databases/schedules into the vector graphic.

Vector Graphics Data Extraction

With BIM compliance focusing on the creation of 3D assets with little to no regard to data, Digitality Solutions can extract data from the project 3D models and create project hierarchical data models. These data models are much more scale-able and portable than 3D models, providing greater efficiencies during the later stages of a Rail Project.

Data models also provide opportunities for other suppliers of digital services,integrating into a multitude of systems/process, using a common data source.

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