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Parametric CAD Elements are graphical elements created and modified by defined parameters. This approach ensures CAD elements are geometrically compliant ensuring consistency in delivery with minimal user CAD skills. This can be applied to any Overhead Line component or assembly assets, vastly reducing the size of resource libraries. The parametric properties can be stored in Excel, Access or XML and easily editable without the need to re-code the CAD interface.

Microstation Case Studies

Parametric CAD Elements

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DGN Batch Processing

Overhead Line design submissions create large quantities of documents and data, in graphical or data format. Unfortunately at times designs progress on incomplete specifications and project assumptions need to be applied for retrospective action applied when outstanding information is provided.


Great Western Series 1 Minimum Staggers Analysis

In the absence of critical technical data the Overhead Line design commenced on a risk adverse standardised design solution. By the time a resolution was provided the Overhead Line design documents for 28 stk had been created. A manual solution would have required an engineer to assess every wire point on all Overhead Line structures.


Development of macro to assess the allocated registration/steady arm within the .DGN models, stagger value (lateral offset to centre line), contact height  and tack super elevation. If the default design solution was no longer compliant the macro updated the CAD  element and material schedule accordingly


  • Automated analysis and update of design documentation was 97% more efficient than manual process

  • Allowed allocated design resource to continue programmed works

Automated CAD Quality Audit

To support the industry's BIM imitative it is essential all CAD drawings and models comply to project CAD standards. Project CAD standards ensure all CAD documents can be easily integrated. It takes obedience and time to ensure all CAD elements are compliant to all the requirements


Client CAD QA was identifying non compliances design manual CAD audits. It is unrealistic for a manual CAD QA audit to be applied to all CAD deliverables.


Automated project CAD QA embedded into the custom Microstation project configuration ensured every drawing is assessed against all criteria defined by the clients. Non compliances are identified at time of drawing creation/edit with the user notified on event of closing the DGN file.


  • Guarantee that all drawings and models are subjected to automated quality audit

  • Allowed CAD/BIM manager to utilise his/her time more efficiently

  • Passed responsibility of CAD quality to the engineers

Model Asset Tagging

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